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Recently, Nike ushered in the annual Air Max Day, one of the main battlefield held a celebration in Shanghai. Famous singer Li Yuchun wearing Nike’s latest innovative product Air VaporMax appeared, this lasted seven years of research results to attract the attention of the majority of shoes lovers.

In the past four decades, the brand launched this series has been able to lead the trend. What is the focus now that Air VaporMax is an important growth point for Nike’s performance?

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Compared to the same sports brand, Nike was born some late Reebok predecessor in 1896 will come out in the UK, 1948 Adidas brand officially registered in Germany, Puma also in 1948 in the Netherlands, The predecessor of Nike is the University of Oregon graduates Bill Bowerman and alumni Philip Knight in 1962 co-founded the “Blue Ribbon” company, in 1972 was renamed Nike. Start, the two raised $ 1,200, determined to beat the most popular Adidas shoes, to give athletes to provide the most professional, the best sports shoes brand.

Nike first pair of sports shoes was born in 1974, that is, Nike Waffle Trainer series. Inspired by Bauer and his wife making waffles, think of making trench shape soles. Once the shoes come out, they break the sales record. Finally in 1980, Nike beat Adidas to become the leader of the American sports brand.

Really let Nike fame is the NBA star Michael Jordan named Air Jordan series. September 15, 1985, Nike sold the Air Jordan series of the first shoes, soon sold out in the market. This shoe outsole traction, flexibility is superb, groove design to imitate the natural movement of human feet. Jordan in every game wearing Air Jordan, but because of the violation of the Union “uniform dress” provisions were ordered to wear. But he is still wearing a play and was a fine of 5,000 US dollars, while Nike is to pay the extra “publicity fee.” With Jordan from the obscurity to the league’s top level, led the global fans of the “Starchaser enthusiasm”, male consumers want to fly with the same flight, Air Jordan’s sales also rose from 60 million US dollars a year to 100 million US dollars , Heat continued unabated.

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Since then, almost every year the Air Jordan series will launch the new, has now launched the thirtieth generation of AIR JORDAN XXX, this shoe will burst cracks and carbon fiber fusion, high-performance material vamps include knitting, knitting and 3D printing technology The

In 1987, Air Max series running up the market, becoming the most ingenious series of Nike. The shoe with a visual air cushion, improved cushioning and stability. Want to open the market of Nike, and gradually turned to the common people, and Air Max lightweight design just to meet the young people’s favorite and gradually become a professional running shoes, driving the American jogging atmosphere.

In order to give fist rally, Nike also use idol star advertising. In 1988, Wieden and Kennedy advertising company invited Jordan and film star Spike Lee co-shoot advertising, and advertising in the sports and popular culture integration, seeking youth group identity. Plus Air Max women’s running shoes launched, Nike one by one occupation of the young, male and female markets.

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However, into the 1990s, Nike’s position in the shoe market began to be hit. In 1989, Reebok took the lead in creating a pump inflatable sports shoes, in 18 months hit a $ 500 million sales frenzy. In 1991, wearing Diamond shoes Di Brown in the All-Star weekend dunk contest, defeated wearing Nike shoes Jordan, greatly frustrated the morale of Nike. With the development of street basketball, Reebok launched Andl series, and threatened to “kick Nike’s ass”, but failed to do so. While Nike in 1998 launched the same “street basketball” as the theme of the Hyperflight series, to fight back. Nike and Reebok in the fight between the occasion, Adidas rushed up. Adidas signed the 1996 rookie Bryant Bryant, and in two years after its launch Adidas KB8 signature shoes, exaggerated outsole and advanced technology to drive sales tide.

Although the 90’s shoe market, many changes, but Nike’s leading position seems unmoved – in 1997, Nike’s market share as high as 47.5%.

Into the 21st century, the increasingly fierce competition in the sports shoes market. Kobe Bryant and Adidas termination, turn to defensively Nike, which combined with the black Mamba line for Bryant launched Nike Zoom Kobe VI shoes. Nike in 2007 with the hip-hop rapper Kanye West to start cooperation and help Air Yeezy I and II release; however, West then “run” Adidas, and promote its Yeezy Boost 350 and 750 become explosive. Including Anta, Peak, including footwear brands, are frequently signed popular star, the sale of signature shoes. With Stephen Curry sudden emergence of Under Armor, also once in the sports shoes market share.

Recently, Nike’s challenge is really not small. According to Nike earnings show that 2016 sales growth slowed, into the 2017 fiscal year, the increase is still in decline. Is to continue to rely on star products Air Jordan, or the introduction of new series? Technology and design innovation is now Nike need to sort out, as to when to find Jordan, Kobe style spokesperson, according to past experience, Nike generally can “In the treasure”.