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According to the US media reports, the former “Yahoo Sports” well-known journalist Adrian – Werner Roosevelt has been finalized with the ESPN contract, and will be held in the 2017 NBA Draft after the formal join.

Werner Rawski in the “Yahoo Sports” for many years, is the NBA journalists all-star characters, always the first to first show first-hand news, and the authenticity of high. In the Yahoo sports work, Warner Roosevelt also has its own brand site “The Vertical”.

Prior to this, ESPN carried out a large-scale layoffs, a number of NBA plate senior journalists are appearing in the list of layoffs, which also includes senior celebrities Mark – Stan, Chad – Ford, Henry – Albert, Ivan – Strauss, Calvin – Waggins, Justin – Willier.

According to internal sources, in the June 23 this year, after the end of the NBA draft, Warner Rossi will officially start working for ESPN. In addition to Wo God, the other part of the “The Vertical” staff will also be ESPN employment.

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Rockets 105-99 beat the Thunder, big score 4-1 out of the opponent, advance to the Western Conference semifinals. Before the end of the first quarter of the game, the rocket owner Leslie – Alexander in the game is still in progress, came to the referee accused the referee, NBA official said, will investigate the behavior of Alexander. As a result, Alexander may face a fine penalty.

Alexander was dissatisfied with the referee, from his side of the sidelines stood up, went straight to the referee Bill – Kennedy behind, intends to complain. Rockets star Hakim – Olajuwon tried to pull Alexander, let him go over, but Alexander did not change the meaning of the idea, in the course of the game, said something to Kennedy, Kennedy looked back at Alexander.

In normal times, Alexander is a relatively moderately attentive person, rarely intervene in the game, and even no big celebration, and Mark – Cuban and other radical boss in stark contrast. As for why his game so radical, the reason is not known. But because the game is the nation live, Alexander’s behavior has caused great concern, NBA official decided to investigate.

If Alexander had a rude words, he could face huge fines. NBA official criticism of the referee has always taken a zero tolerance policy, whether players or coaches to do so, will face tens of thousands of dollars in the huge fines. The boss criticized the referee or attack the NBA policy, then the amount of fines will be more exaggerated, Cuban is currently fined a few million dollars.